A Note From The President

Hello everyone,

I wasn’t expecting to write this post so soon as I thought I still had another 2 months of being in office, but alas my presidency ends today, along with my time of being a student at UCL. I’m also not the type who writes super-long-emotional-soppy posts (I barely post at all), so bear with me.

I’ve had a truly wonderful time in the Film Society these past three years, and I don’t hesitate in saying that they’ve been the three best years of my life. Film Soc was one of the main factors in choosing to study at UCL, and it was absolutely worth it.

My first involvement with Film Soc was for the one-week Campus Movie Fest film challenge, and appropriately ends with our own 48 hour film challenge in which I am currently participating in. But sandwiched between these two events I’ve been to countless screenings, guest talks, guest workshops and socials, and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. I’m not forgetting our productions of course, and I’ve had the pleasure of working on Term films, affiliate films and many other projects. Two highlights for me were producing last year’s webseries as Drama Producer (a lot of hard work but ultimately very rewarding) and co-directing the Term 3 film last week. But I’ve loved working on every other shoot I’ve been on, because it’s not only about the filmmaking but it’s also about the people. The members of this society are really passionate, enthusiastic, friendly people, and I’ve had an amazing time working with all of them. I’ve made friends for life.

Although we didn’t quite have the strongest of starts in the beginning during Term 1, I think in the end we’ve had a pretty successful year. The society has been kept afloat! I want to thank my awesome committee this year: Anton, Thomas, Emily, Nick, Andreas, Jonny, Pietro, Bori, Misan, Melody, Alfred, Shelby and Ivan. Thank you for all the hard-work in organising your respective activities or events for the society. It’s been a lot of fun working with you lot! There are still a lot of things and projects and ideas that I wanted to bring to the society, but I guess there’s only so much you can do in an academic year. But I have a lot of faith in Anton and I think he and the next committee will do amazing things next year!

Incoming freshers and current students, I do envy you, as your time in the Film Society has not yet finished, or not even begun! Make the most out of it, as for me these three years have gone by incredibly fast. It feels like I only started university last month.
However, I would say though that my time here is only “officially” over as rest assured I will be back and lurk massively. (I can live in the studio next year, right Lorcan?) I care a lot about Film Soc and I’ll be happy to hang out/help out in any way possible next year.

Thanks again for these three years.

Lots of love,
Thomas “Baby Tom” Rebour

(Am I still Baby Tom now Leiah? Have I evolved into something else now?)

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