FilmSoc Nominated At 2017 UCLU Arts Awards

UCLU have announced this afternoon that the Film & TV Society has been nominated in two categories for this year’s UCLU Arts Awards; with six of our members also being awarded Arts Commendations and Colours. Check out the list of the society’s Arts Commendations and Colours recipients, as well as Arts Awards nominations below:

Arts Commendations
Anton Volkov
Melody Ho
Misan Aviomoh
Nick Mastrini
Tanya Dudnikova

Arts Centenary Colours
Thomas Hetherington

Best Project
The Bloomsbury Sessions (in collaboration with UCLU Live Music Society)

Best Publication
FilmSoc Blog

The winners will be announced at this year’s Arts Ball, taking place on Tuesday, May 30 at Café de Paris. Tickets are on sale now on UCLU’s website, and be sure to join us prior to the ball for a special end-of-year celebration at our Film Studio.

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