PODCAST: La La Land, Lost in London and Bond Wishlists

This week, Helena and Natasha try to keep a lid on their exuberant feelings for La La Land, whilst also giving their two cents on the next Bond (Keira Knightley is a dead cert), discussing Woody Harrelson’s latest venture and being happily reminded that James Marsden still exists.

2 thoughts on “PODCAST: La La Land, Lost in London and Bond Wishlists

  1. Hey girls,
    I’m from Macau China, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your podcast!!
    I will keep on listening!!
    I get the singing in the Rain La la land comparison and I do have a bitter sweet love for lala land because It was a bit of a slap in the face ending and that makes the difference because It show’s us that it is not all a bed of roses like all other movies makes us feel, the magic and romantic is not an easy thing to achieve, and they did a good job showing us the reality 🙂
    I found you guys because I try to follow every UCL things, one of you said you have no dreams….I don’t believe you :p You just don’t know it yet!
    Mine Is to go to LA to UCL…wish me luck:)
    Keep it up!!!loved the Pod cast

    1. Thanks very much for your comment Joana. I’ve only just spotted it. Please keep on listening, and we’ll be returning soon. All the Best.

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